We won the account, much in part due to the music composed by Owen -which was fresh, original and wildly embraced by the client. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with [him] - short turn-arounds, crazy demands, a wealth of genres, Owen has been masterful.

- Carrie Nygren
Laughlin Constable

I'm psyched about the songs you guys are writing.  They're very cool.  Maybe we'll write some non-advertising spot music one day too.  I'm into it!

- Lisa Loeb
Grammy Winning Songwriter & Performer

I'm constantly amazed at Smart Pop Nation's ability to turn our requests into totally custom, toe-tapping, hit-the-needle-on-the-head, perfect-for-my-clients MUSIC... Smart Pop Nation beats the pants off of needle-drop, stock music, and is totally worth the investment.

- Josh Miles
Miles Design

[Owen's] understanding of writing catchy hooks and transparent complicated arrangements stand against some of the best writers I have heard and worked with. From his professional attitude to his understanding of what the clients vision is, Smart Pop Nation would be my first call.

- Reuben Thompson

Smart Pop Nation brought a whole new level of musical sophistication to our normal practice of searching through an infinite amount of mediocre royalty-free samples...  We couldn’t be happier with the recordings he delivered.

- Adam Latham
Intersil Corp.