Though the tornado that hit Minneapolis in 2011 wasn't an F5, it still seemed an appropriate namesake for the recording company we were about to build.

Since 2012, F5 SoundHouse has been teaming with artists around the world to help them realize their respective visions for their art.

Our artists are located throughout Europe, and of course in American music hubs like Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Chicago, Austin, Denver, and of course, here at home in the Twin Cities. And no matter where we are, our job is still the same.

Serve the ARTIST, serve the SONG.


Producers, studio musicians, artists and educators, all.
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Davide Raso, Owen Sartori, and Elsa Lee working in a music studio

Davide Raso

Owner, Producer, Engineer, Consigliere.
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Owen Sartori

Owner, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Recovering Rockstar.
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Elsa Lee

Studio Manager, Pianist, Vocalist, Nicest person you've ever met.
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The rooms we work in range from cozy to vibey to classic, to world-class. Each facility has its own personality and purpose. But they all inspire creativity and comfort. It's really an amazing place for songwriters and musicians of all stripes.

The gearheads will also be smiling. Outboard gear from Neve, Avalon, Great River, Sony, Empirical Labs, Manley, Cranesong, Bettermaker, Universal Audio. Vintage and modern mics from Neumann, Telefunken, Earthworks, EV, AKG, Royer, Brauner, Gefell, Soyuz, Blue. Interfaces by Antelope, Universal Audio, SSL and Focusrite. Guitars and basses from Gibson, Fender, G&L, Hofner, Lakland, PRS, Godin, Martin, Larivee. Lots of fun with keys, like a Wurli, a B3 with an assortment of Leslie cabs, a Rhodes, even a gorgeous full-sized grand piano. There's really too much to cover here. But you can shoot us a line if there is a specific piece of gear you're looking to play with.