Frequently Asked Questions about F5 SoundHouse

F5 SoundHouse is a music production company and recording studio located in Minneapolis, MN. The producers and engineers at F5 SoundHouse are lifelong professional musicians, songwriters, performers, and of course, music producers, whose goal is to help artists craft radio ready singles, EPs and full-length records.

F5 SoundHouse is based in Minneapolis, MN, but we work with musicians and songwriters of all skill levels from all over Minnesota and beyond. Over the years, we have worked in and with artists from places like Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Austin and Seattle, as well as England, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan and Italy.

Recording music with F5 SoundHouse is different from working with traditional recording studios in many ways. Sure, you get to work with experienced engineers, utilize industry standard technology, and take advantage of rare, vintage analog gear in a historic recording complex. But as a part of every recording project, F5 SoundHouse also includes artist mentorship and real-world music industry advice for songwriters and musicians who would find it useful. Also different from most traditional recording studios, the producers at F5 SoundHouse are not just engineers, but experienced, award-winning songwriters and studio musicians.

The cost of working with F5 SoundHouse can vary depending on several factors, including the specific needs, the number of hours required, the number of people working, the number and type of songs, etc. Generally speaking, F5 SoundHouse has two rates. The Standard Rate which utilizes one producer/engineer/musician  and one of our recording studios is $65/hour, or the Superior Rate which utilizes two producer/engineer/musicians and one or two of our recording studios is $110/hour. Other rates and discounts are available, and you can learn about those by visiting our Rates Page.

The time it takes to make a record can vary greatly, and is largely dependent on the specific goals of the artist. But as a general rule, it can take roughly 20-30 person-hours to record and finish a radio-ready song. Some artists want to complete songs as quickly as possible, while other artists prefer to spread out the process to a duration that fits their style, schedule and budget.

F5 SoundHouse has helped create music in dozens of genres over the years. Our catalog includes pop, rock, country, indie, orchestral, and a whole lot more. But if we have a sweet spot, it’s the intersection between pop and related genres, like indie-pop, pop-rock, orchestral-pop and so on.

If you think that what we do at F5 SoundHouse would be valuable to you, just reach out to us at or fill out our contact form. We can schedule a free tour of the recording facility and talk about you, your music and your goals in the music industry!